Monday, July 11, 2016

Using Vintage Hat Boxes in Home Decor

You have acquired some great vintage hat boxes. From us, of course :) So what are you going to do with them? Fill them full of your vintage hats and other treasured items and put them up in the closet?

Well, sure, you could do that.

Or you can use them in a way that allows you and your guests to enjoy seeing them.

The folks over at Country Living have come up with the cutest way to use them in your bathroom to hold towels and tissue.

Isn't that the cutest thing? I wish I had thought of that! But don't stop there. They can be used all throughout the house to display your treasures or hold necessities.

The smaller ones also work well in an office or next to your bed to hold note cards, envelopes, writing or office supplies, and just about anything else you have.

Put one in your guest room and fill it with things your guests may need. Extra soaps or toiletries, slippers, and a book or two.

Or in the craft room to hold sewing notions, fat quarters, ribbon, and patterns.

Use them at a wedding or other gathering to hold cards and well wishes or party favors.

With just a little imagination, you can find a few ways to fit a vintage hat box into your home and party décor.

At the Vintage Hat Box you will find a variety of authentic vintage hat boxes and some of our own design, including our logo hat boxes.

Stop by often as you never know what treasures you will find. See you soon!

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