Friday, January 17, 2014

Bow Tie Displays

These are something I had never considered until a distributor asked if we could design something for them to display multiple bow ties. So, of course, I said "Sure, why not?". I like a challenge and I like the idea of being able to offer new, unique products to our customers. So we did. We designed these solid wood bow tie displays to complement our hat stands. We use the same materials and they are available in the same finishes. And who doesn't want that?? No additional materials to buy and a desirable new product to offer; that's a big win/win from my perspective. But I digress, the bow tie display is designed to hold multiple bow ties at once. You can stack them neatly one atop the other front and back or stagger them for a more relaxed look. They will hold a minimum of 5 standard size adjustable bow ties. More if you stagger them. Great for personal use in your closet too. And you can even add a couple hats to have it do double duty! And that is always a good thing :)

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